custom 50ml perfume bottle manufacturer

Capacity: 30ml 50ml 100ml perfume bottle
Material: glass
Uses: perfume, essential oil, etc.
Surface treatment: spraying, silk screen printing, hot stamping,
Product Details:
1. The spray is delicate and the atomization area is wide
2. The bottom thickening process makes the bottle firm and stable without tipping,
3. Glass material, simple bottle design, high-quality raw materials, light weight, pressure resistance and not easy to break, smooth surface, shiny and transparent,perfume bottle made of durable glass, so that your atomizer lasts longer without harmful chemicals getting into your favourite fragrance.
4. High-quality sealing, fine workmanship, smooth edges, strict control, no leakage, longer service life,
5. High-quality pressure pump, easy to press, strong sealing, quick liquid absorption
6.Easy to refill – fill the atomizer without messy or you lose your favourite perfume or Cologne.
7.Portable and durable: 50ml perfume bottle small volume, easy to carry, 50 ml capacity is perfect for travel, portable and convenient to use.
Multi-use: the perfume bottle mist is ideal for perfumes, essential oils, hair spray bottles, air freshener, room sprays, body sprays, DIY beauty products, aromatherapy, pillow mist and other mixes.
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We are a factory specializing in the production of perfume bottles, and we can produce perfume bottles of different capacities according to customer requirements. We can carry out different process designs on the bottle body, spray paint or silk screen printing, welcome to inquire!

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