Glass Perfume Bottle

30ml 50ml Round Glass Perfume Bottle With Screw cap

Volume:30ml ,50ml ,100ml or customize Glass Perfume bottle

Made of: Crystal white material

Lid: Aluminum sprayer or Plastic Cap

Surface: Deco/hot stamping/silk printing/labeling… customized

Certificate: ISO

MOQ: 3,000 pcs for ready in stock; 3,000 pcs to 20,000 pcs for customized product

Samples Time: 3 days if samples are in stock; 3 to 15 days if samples needed to be customized

30ml 50ml Round Glass Perfume Atomiser Refillable Bottle


What is the use of perfume bottle
1. Put it in the closet. We can put the perfume bottle that has just been used up in the wardrobe, and let the residual perfume in the perfume bottle volatilize in the wardrobe. Not only can the residual perfume be effectively used, but the entire wardrobe and even the clothes will have a pleasant fragrance.

2, as decorations. Generally perfume bottles are very beautiful and beautiful small bottles, we can use them as decorations. Clean the perfume bottle and put some beautiful flowers or colorful bells in the perfume bottle, which will make the perfume bottle more beautiful and decorative at the same time.

3. Load other liquids. If the perfume bottle is beautiful, we can pour other skin care liquids into the perfume bottle to continue using, so that the beautiful perfume bottle will not be a pity for waste.

4. Collection. You can collect every used perfume bottle and keep it for later appreciation, which will also leave a sense of achievement in your heart.

The MOQ is very small, you can send an inquiry to us for your reference. We also have other types about diffuser bottle, perfume bottle, cosmetic bottle, candle jar, wine bottle, coffee bottle and so on. You can contact me for catalogue.

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