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China’s Glass Packaging Container Competition Landscape

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Glass packaging containers are wildely used in different industry of packing, which are solid containers made of quartz sand, soda ash, cullet, and other main raw materials as well as calcite, feldspar powder, and other auxiliary materials, which are melted, formed, cooled, sprayed, and tested in high-temperature furnaces. The production and use of glass packaging containers have a history of hundreds of years. Due to its advantages such as cost and chemical stability, it is widely used around the world. Europe, America and China are the top producltion base area. Following are China’s bottle production mainly province shows table.

Glass packaging container output in major provinces in 2022

According to the statistical analysis of the China Daily Glass Packaging Container Industry Committee, domestic daily glass packaging container manufacturers are mainly distributed in Anhui, Guangdong, Shandong, Shanxi, Jiangsu, and other regions. The above areas contain more than 85% of the country’s daily glass packaging.

With the packaging demand for cosmetics, skin care products, and alcohol, the output of glass packaging containers is relatively stable. In 2021, China’s glass packaging container output will be 19.76 million tons, and in 2022, my country’s glass packaging container output will be 19.8737 million tons. Among them, the region with the largest production of glass packaging containers in China in 2021 is Sichuan with 5.8025 million tons, followed by Shandong with a production of 3.5965 million tons of glass packaging containers.

For glass packaging containers, lightweight is the current main development trend. The defects of excessive weight and thickness of glass packaging containers increase the difficulty of moving products for downstream customers and the cost of the handling process. This is an important disadvantage in the competition with plastic packaging containers. Lightweight glass packaging containers are indispensable in the future. Based on affecting the strength of the container itself, reducing the thickness and weight of the container can effectively reduce production costs and transportation costs. Therefore, downstream customers’ demand for lightweight glass packaging containers has been increasing in recent years.

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