Glass storage jars are versatile containers typically used to store food items such as spices, dry condiments, and leftovers of food. There are various types of glass storage jars available on the market, including canning jars, mason jars, clamp jars, and flip-top jars. Canning jars are typically used for storing foods that require sealing, such as jams and pickles. Mason jars are popular for use as decorative items or as drinking glasses. Clamp jars feature an airtight seal and are ideal for keeping food fresh. Flip-top jars have a hinged lid that flips open for easy access to the contents.

Baolin has various stock of the storage jar, welcome inquiry us of the stock, we can ship immediately if has stock, or we also can custom produce clients own shaped jar with own logo.

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Glass Honey Jar Clear With Dipper And Lid

Honey Jar With Dipper And Lid   Product name: Glass honey jar with dipper and lid Capacity: 250ml 380ml 450ml