Glass Mason Jar is the perfect choice for storing and organizing food or kitchen stuffs. This jar is made from high quality, foodgrade glass and features a secure and airtight lid. The widemouth opening makes it easy to fill and access the contents. The jar‘s iconic design makes it a great conversation piece and its glass construction allows you to see the contents without having to open the lid. The Mason Jar is the perfect way to store and organize spices, snacks, nuts, and any other items you want to keep fresh.

Mason jar is the best seller in our collections, so we always has stock of it, and mason jar’s mould always on the line in production, so please inquiry us instantly, our email: [email protected]

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Glass Sealed Honey Mason Jar with Lid for Jam Candy or Chili Sauce

Product name: 8oz Clear mason glass jar or pickle storage jars with lid Volume: 250ml 500ml and 750ml Lid: aluminum