30ml 50ml 100ml round empty perfume bottle for wholesale

30ml 50ml 100ml round empty perfume bottle for wholesale

product name:30ml 50ml 100ml round empty perfume bottle
Material: glass
Capacity: 30ml 50ml 100ml
Surface treatment: spraying, frosting, silk screen printing, hot stamping, decals, hot silver, plating, etc.

Product Description:
1.Our bottles include a range of sizes to fit your needs, including 30ml, 50ml and 100ml.
Each bottle is crafted from premium-grade glass, ensuring superior protection for your fragrances, while the round design offers a stylish look.
2.Not only are these bottles practical, they are also an elegant decoration to any dressing table or bathroom counter.
The simple yet stylish design adds a touch of sophistication, while the clear glass highlights the beauty of your fragrances.
3.Our round empty perfume bottle is perfect for fragrance lovers, as well as small businessmen or independent perfumers looking for creating their own line.
The high-quality materials and versatile design make these bottles a must-have for them.
4.In conclusion, our round empty perfume bottles  is the perfect choice for  storing and displaying their fragrances.
The range of sizes, closure options and high-quality glass ensure that your fragrances are protected and easy to use, while the elegant design adds a touch of luxury.
Order now and take your fragrance game to the higher level!

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