Wholesale 5ml 10ml Rollers Bottle Empty Glass essential oil Rollon Bottles Bulk

Volume:5ml 10ml essential oil perfume bottle
Color:blue, pink, white
Material: glass,steel roller balls

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If you’re looking for a way to carry your favorite essential oils with you, look no further than our Steel Ball 5ml & 10ml Essential Oil Perfume Bottles.
First, the stainless steel ball in each bottle allows your oil to spread evenly and smoothly. This means your oil will be fully absorbed by the skin and nothing goes to waste. Plus, steel balls ensure a hygienic and clean application every time.
The secure screw top lid means you don’t have to worry about oil leaking or spilling into your bag or pocket. You can rest assured that your essential oils are safe and secure.
We are a professional manufacturer of essential oil roller bottles. We can produce essential oil bottles of different capacities according to customer needs. There are also various types of rollers, such as glass beads and steel balls. The color of the bottle body can be customized, welcome to inquire!

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