5ml -100ml Bamboo all-wrapped Luxury glass essence oil bottle

Bamboo all-wrapped Luxury glass essence oil bottle

Capacity: 5ml 、10ml、15ml、20ml、30ml、50ml、100ml or customize

Material: Outside : Bamboo Inside:Glass

Bottle Color: Clear 、amber 、blue、green or customize

Surface: Silk screen printing、hot stamping 、frosted、painting coat、engrave、decal etc,

Used for:Air growth lotion, serum, eye cream and other liquid cosmetics and skin care products

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Luxury high quality 5ml-100ml All-wrapped bamboo glass essence oil bottle,outside use environmental nature bamboo material ,inner high quality glass,bottle,

It is a specially designed bottle primarily used for storing and protecting essential oils.


1. Material: Bamboo all-wrapped Luxury glass essence oil bottle  are typically made from natural bamboo, known for its eco-friendliness and sustainability.
2. Light Protection: The bottle’s body undergoes special treatment to effectively block UV rays, protecting the essential oil from light-induced damage.
3. Sealing: The bottle cap is designed to provide a tight seal, effectively preventing leakage or volatilization of the essential oil, thus maintaining its purity and concentration.

1. Essential Oil Storage: Bamboo-covered essential oil bottles can be used to store various types of essential oils, including floral, plant-based, and spice oils. They provide a safe environment that protects the quality and active compounds of the essential oil.
2. Essential Oil Preservation: Due to the light-blocking properties of bamboo, these bottles can prevent oxidation and degradation of the essential oil caused by light, thereby extending its shelf life.
3. Portability: Bamboo-covered essential oil bottles are usually of moderate size, making them convenient to carry and use during travel. You can keep your favorite essential oils with you at all times and enjoy their aroma and benefits whenever you desire.

In summary, the bamboo-wrapped essential oil bottle is an environmentally friendly container with excellent light-blocking and sealing properties, making it ideal for storing and protecting essential oils. It is portable, prolongs the shelf life of the oil, and maintains its purity and active compounds.

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