Hot Sale 10ml-100 ml UV Black Glass Essential Oil Bottle and Aromatherapy Refill Bottles with Euro Dropper Cap

  • Product name: UV Black glass essential oil bottle
  • Capacity: 10ml/15ml/30ml/50ml/100ml or customized
  • Material: Black glass
  • Style: Round Bottle
  • Cap: PP theft-proofing cap
  • Color: Black or customized
  • Customization: Logo/Printing/Dropper Color

Product Overview:

This UV Black Glass Essential Oil Bottle is for your go to daily essential oils, Aromatherapy Refill Bottles, fragrance blends and around the house flavorings. Keep this convenient and powerful bottle in your living room, bedroom or kitchen. This size is probably a bit too bulky for regular sized purses, but is versatile in that it can be fit into large purses and easily into backpacks to take with you on the go. There is no need to worry about leakage as all our bottles are leak proof and airtight, so no smelly sticky mess in your favorite day bag! Where this bottle really shines is in the secret of its ultraviolet glass. UV glass simultaneously blocks harmful visible light from entering your bottle and affecting its contents while allowing in restorative and sanitizing UV and infrared light wavelengths.

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