Classic Straight Round Cosmetic Glass Bottle Packaging

Pruduct Name: Classic Straight Round Cosmetic Glass Bottle Packaging

Capacity: 120ml/100ml/50ml/30ml/50g/30g/20g

Material: Glass Bottle

Surface Treatment: Hot Saamping, Hot Silver, Silk Screen Printing, Frosting, Color Spraying,Etc.

MOQ: 5000pcs

Round glass cosmetic bottles are a common packaging container with several unique features.

1. The circular design makes the appearance of the bottle more concise and beautiful. Round bottles usually have no sharp edges and corners, giving people a soft feeling and meeting the aesthetic needs of the public.

2. The round bottle is easy to hold and use. Whether at home or traveling, the round bottle is easier to grip and convenient to use. Whether it is rubbing the bottle body or twisting the cap, the round bottle provides users with a better experience.

3. The round bottle distributes the load more evenly and is not easy to invert. For cosmetics, this is a very important feature. Cosmetics often undergo long-distance transportation during the packaging process. If the bottle design is not reasonable, it is easy to cause spillage or leakage. Round bottles can better protect cosmetics and reduce loss during transportation.

4. The round glass cosmetic bottle has many characteristics such as beauty, ease of use, and stability, and has been widely loved and used.

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