Candle Glass Cylinder

The Candle Glass Cylinder is an ornament and a work of art in the space. The crystal clear is luxury, simple and fashion.

Feature Specification
Product name Candle glass cylinder
  • Strictly select high borosilicate glass-crystal clear
  • Big mouth design, round and smooth, practical and convenient
  • Solid high permeability
  • No bubbles and impurities
  • High and low temperaturer resistance
  • A variety of capacities are available, support customization.
Material Premium glass
Capacity The candle glass cylinder has a wide selection of specifications.
  • 4.7*5cm(50ml); 4.7*6cm(60ml); 4.7*7cm(90ml); 4.7*8cm(100ml); 4.7*9cm(120ml); 4.7*10cm(140ml); 4.7*12cm(150ml); 4.7*15cm(200ml); 4.7*18cm(240ml); 4.7*20cm(260ml)
  • 5.3*6cm(110ml); 5.3*8cm(145ml); 5.3*10cm(180ml); 5.3*12cm(220ml); 5.3*15cm(280ml); 5.3*18cm(340ml); 5.3*20cm(370ml)
  • 6.5*6cm(160ml); 6.5*8cm(210ml); 6.5*10cm(280ml); 6.5*12cm(330ml); 6.5*15cm(425ml); 6.5*20cm(570ml)
  • 8*10cm(450ml); 8*12cm(530ml); 8*15cm(650ml); 8*18cm(800ml); 8*20cm(880ml); 8*22cm(950ml); 8*26cm(1150ml); 8*28cm(1250ml)
  • 8.5*10cm(470ml); 8.5*12cm(590ml); 8.5*15cm(740ml); 8.5*20cm(1030ml)
  • 10*10cm(720ml); 10*12cm(860ml); 10*15cm(1070ml); 10*20cm(1400ml); 10*28cm(2000ml)
Shape Cylinder-shaped
Color Transparent
Cap No
Surface/Texture The candle glass cylinder body is smooth, easy to print logo/pattern design.
Standard ISO GB/T 24694 International export standard
Certificates ISO
Pack General carton or custom colored box
MOQ 5000pcs

(Samples are free, but need you to bear the express cost or proofing cost if necessary)

Customize or not Yes(Support silkscreen, printing, gold stamping, label sticker and so on)
OEM Sample processing, brand customization
Use Put candles, small potted plant, water, etc.
JL GLASS Up to now, our partners are all over the world. Products are exported to North America, Europe, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia and other places.
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