50ml Embossed Flameless Rattan Aroma Diffuser Empty Bottle

50ml Embossed Flameless Rattan Aroma Diffuser Empty Bottle

Capacity: 50ML
Specifications: bottle + glass ball
Material: crystal white glass
Uses: essential oil bottles, aromatherapy bottles, reagent bottles, medicine bottles, etc.
Caps: glass bulbs, polymer caps, screw caps with inner plugs
Use scene: bedroom, study room, hotel, living room, office, etc.

Aromatherapy diffuser bottle is a modern, safe and convenient aromatherapy device.
Safe and flame-free: Unlike traditional aromatherapy candles, the aromatherapy diffuser bottle adopts flame-free technology, which eliminates the risk of open flames during use and greatly improves the safety of use.
Portable and Portable: Aromatherapy diffuser glass bottles usually come in a compact design for easy portability. Whether at home, in the office or while traveling, you can enjoy the beauty of aromatherapy at any time.
Long-lasting: Pour aromatherapy essential oil into the bottle, and the smell can last for a long time.
Aromatherapy diffuser bottles bring people a safe, convenient, long-lasting and environmentally friendly experience. Not only can it enhance the ambiance of a space, it can also help relieve stress, improve sleep quality and promote physical and mental health.

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