Glass Perfume Bottle

30ml 50ml highest grade transparent glass perfume spray bottle

30ml 50ml transparent glass perfume bottle wholesale
  • Product name:glass perfume spray bottle
  • Color:Transparent
  • Capacity:30ml,50ml, others capacity also is possible
    Material: Super white Glass
    Surface treatment: spraying, silk screen, decal, hot stamping, hot silver, electroplating, frosted
  • Glass Product details: 
    1. The spray is fine and the atomization area is wide
    2. The bottom thickening process makes the bottle firm and stable without tipping
    3. Glass material, simple design bottle body, made of high-quality raw materials, light in weight, pressure-resistant and not easy to break, smooth surface, glossy and translucent
    4. Quality sealing, fine work, smooth edges, strict control, no leakage, longer service life,
    5. Quality outer cover, bright and solid, high-grade outer cover,
    6. Quality press pump, easy to press, strong sealing, fast liquid absorption

JL Glass can produce various types glass bottle for perfume or other types of cosmetic skin care products, welcome inquiry us to custom make your own shaped jars. our email as followings:

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