Glass Aroma Diffuser Bottle

Exquisite Round Mouth Ribbed Clear Reed Diffuser With Stick

Ribbed Clear Reed Diffuser

Bottle Name: Clear Reed Diffuser

Pattern: Ribbed or Strips

Model Volume: 50ml,100ml/150ml/200ml/250ml or customized capacity

Product type: Travel set, vacuum bottle, aromatherapy bottle, cosmetic bottle

Texture of material: Etched glass, Vertical strip glass, or any other custom fine pattern glass

Size: Height 7.4cm,9.6mm,11.5cm, 12.7cm,14.2cm; diameter 4.3cm,5.2cm,5.6cm,6cm,6.5cm,7cm or any customized size

Packing Quantity: A minimum of 1000pcs/carton

Appearance: Clear, matte, frosted, colored , or any guest specified color

Surface treatment: spray color, silk screen printing, hot-stamping,etched,decal,etc.

Bottle details description:

  1. Big mouth design. Bottle mouth is round and smooth.
  2. Placed firmly. The bottom of the bottle is thickened and non-slip.
  3. Accessories in transparent or coloured glass are the perfect springtime complement to a modern neutral backdrop, introducing watery hues in a graceful, understated style.
  4. The exquisite ribbed patterns fully meet your aesthetic requirements.
  5. We have own production workshop,  large capacity warehouse storage, first-class logistics and after-sales service.

Method of application: It is easy to use. Put the essential oil into the container, insert the cane or the volatilizing rod, turn the cane to accelerate the dispersion, and put it in the appropriate position.

Ribbed Clear Reed Diffuser is a fantastic option for those who want a beautiful, practical, and affordable aroma bottles. It is ideal for creating a warm, inviting atmosphere in homes or businesses. The glass material’s durability, easy maintenance, and eco-friendly design make it a practical and sustainable option for bulk purchasing.

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