Glass Cosmetic Bottle

colored glass bottle with roller ball and cap

10ml colored glass bottle with roller ball and cap

Capacity :5ml 、10ml 、15ml

Made of:Soda lime

Color:Transparent、customize color possible,

Packing:Carton then Pallet


Bottle Feature:

If you are looking for a beautiful colored glass bottle to store your essential oils, perfume or other liquid products, then 10ml colored glass bottle with roller bottle with cap is the ideal choice for you. This compact bottle is very portable and fits easily in your pocket or handbag.

FColored glass bottle Made of high-quality stained glass, this bottle is not only beautiful but also extremely durable to protect your products from light and other harmful elements. The design of the roll-on bottle allows you to precisely control the flow of the product during use to avoid waste.

The ca design can effectively prevent the liquid in the bottle from spilling, ensuring your products are always clean and hygienic.

O, this bottle is available in a variety of colors, including blue, green, pink, etc.,

you can choose the most suitable color according to your taste and preference. Whether as a gift or for your own use, this bottle is a very functional and aesthetic choice.

When using this bottle, you can safely use all types of liquid products including essential oils, fragrances, skin care products and more.

This bottle is easy to wash and maintain, it can be reused and it is also very friendly to the environment.

In conclusion, if you need a beautiful, practical and durable bottle to store your liquid products,

Roller bottles are very convenient and practical ,

they ensure the quality and freshness of essential oils and other liquid products

are easy for customers to use and carry. They can also be customized with personalized labeling and packaging to meet your brand needs and customer preferences. All in all, tawny Fine Oil Bottle with customer dropper bottle is a reliable and high quality choice,

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