Glass Perfume Bottle

Quality Luxurious 30ml/50ml/100ml Cylindrical Thick Bottom Perfume Glass Bottle with Lid


Product material: glass

Capacity: 30ml 50ml 100ml,Other capacities can be customized

Surface: screen printing, spraying, frosting, hot stamping, electroplating, decals, hot silver, etc.

Application: toner, perfume, air freshener, toilet water, etc.



Product Description:

1.Introducing our line of high-quality cylindrical thick bottom perfume glass bottles, available in 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml sizes, perfect for anyone looking to store and display their favorite fragrances in a sleek and stylish way.

2.Crafted from premium-grade glass with a thick bottom, these cylindrical glass bottles offer superior protection for your fragrances, ensuring long-lasting quality and freshness. The sturdy, cylindrical shape of the bottles also provides added durability, making them ideal for travel and daily use.

3.Our perfume glass bottles come with a range of closure options, including screw caps, spray pumps, and droppers, allowing you to dispense your fragrances with ease and precision.

As a leading glass bottle manufacturer from china.We already produced more than 2000 molds of glass bottle,  recent 15 years. We have professional research and development team, to exploit any new special type bottle for worldwide clients,welcome worldwide clients send us your new bottle artworks.

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