Glass Perfume Bottle

50 ml Refillable Luxury Spray Empty Spray Bottle Perfume Bottle

Material: Glass
Capacity: 30ml perfume bottle
MOQ: 500pcs
Cover color: transparent, greyetc.
Product use: perfume/disinfectant/reagent/high -grade perfume/lotion/air fresh agent, etc.
Product process: Monte/electroplating/coating/spray/silk printing and other processes
1. The bottle body is transparent, one-piece molding, the bottle body is smooth, and the handle is gentle, showing the beauty of craftsmanship

2. The thickened glass is finely polished, which can be recycled and wear-resistant and durable, so you can use it without hurting your hands

3. Diverse scenarios are also applicable

4. The bottle body is visually transparent, and the overall workmanship is solid with high-quality glass

5. The bottom of the bottle is thick and stable, and it will not fall when placed on the table 6. Glass material, the bottle body design is simple, high-quality raw materials are used, the surface is smooth, shiny and transparent

About us:

As a glass bottle supplier with many years of production experience, we have produced more than 200 different types of glass bottles, mainly cosmetic packaging (perfume, essential oil, agarwood oil, lotion), glass candle jars, beverages (juice and annual milk), food storage jars, wine, aromatherapy diffusers, etc.

Our company is an ISO 9001 certified custom glass perfume bottle manufacturer, we can also customize and produce our own glass perfume bottles according to customer requirements, if it is convenient, you can send us the design drawing directly. Our sales team can also provide one-stop purchase, such as outer box or inner gasket, or other surface printing technology, we can provide you with a complete glass bottle. Welcome to customize your own brand glass perfume bottle, welcome to inquire!

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