Glass Perfume Bottle

Custom Empty 30ml 50ml 100ml Luxury Round Glass Perfume Bottle

Custom 30ml 50ml 100ml luxury round empty perfume bottle
  • Product Name:empty Perfume Bottle
  • Capacity: 30ml/50ml/100ml/customized
  • Color: Brown or other color can be customized
  • Material: glass
  • Uses: perfume, essential oil, disinfectant, reagent, essence, alcohol, high-end perfume, lotion, air freshener, etc.
  • Surface treatment: spraying, silk screen printing, hot stamping, hot silver, electroplating, frosting

Product Details:

  1. The spray is delicate and the atomization area is wide
  2. The bottom thickening process makes the bottle firm and stable without tipping
  3. Glass material, simple bottle design, high-quality raw materials, light weight, pressure resistance and not easy to break, smooth surface, shiny and transparent
  4. High-quality sealing, fine workmanship, smooth edges, strict control, no leakage, longer service life,
  5. High-quality pressure pump, easy to press, strong sealing, quick liquid absorption

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