Glass Aroma Diffuser Bottle

120ml empty Aromatherapy glass bottle

Material: high white material glass
Capacity: 120ml/150ml
120ml empty Aromatherapy glass bottle

The 120ml Aromatherapy Glass Bottle is a beautiful and functional addition to any aromatherapy collection. Crafted from high-quality glass, this round cylindrical bottle perfect for holding essential oils and other aromatherapy blends.

The added wooden cap on top creates an extra layer of protection, preventing any unwanted leaks or spills. The cap also acts as a natural barrier for preserving the aroma of the oils inside.

The smooth glass texture of the bottle provides an excellent canvas for customization and labeling. It is effortless to add labels on the bottle, making it necessary for personal or business use.Ideal for storing oils for everyday use, the 120ml capacity of this bottle offers greater versatility and longevity. The size of the bottle makes it perfect for travel, whether in a purse or luggage.

The  Glass Bottle is an eco-friendly option that can be reused and refilled over time, reducing the need for disposable containers and promoting sustainable practices.

In conclusion, the 120ml Aromatherapy Glass Bottle provides a durable, practical, and eco-friendly option for storing aromatherapy blends. With its wooden cap, customizable glass surface, and ample size, it is perfect for both personal use and business needs. Don’t hesitate to choose this bottle for your needs and minimize your environmental footprint.


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