Glass Perfume Bottle

custom 50ml perfume bottle manufacturer

Material: glass
Capacity: 50ml perfume bottle
MOQ: 5000 pcs
Surface treatment: screen printing,  spraying
Uses: perfume, essential oil,

Product details:

Introducing the 50ml Perfume Bottle with a unique volcanic bottom design, perfect for those who seek an attractive and stylish perfume bottle.

Crafted with precision and high-quality glass materials, this perfume bottle is sure to make an excellent addition to anyone’s dressing table or bathroom counter. The volcanic bottom design creates a dynamic pattern that stands out from typical cylindrical perfume bottles.

The customizable color feature sets this bottle apart from the rest. Customers can personalize their bottle by choosing colors that match their personality, style, or even the fragrance contained within.

The spray nozzle ensures that the perfume is distributed evenly over the skin, delivering a long-lasting aroma. The bottle’s size is perfect for carrying in a handbag or suitcase while traveling .

The ability to customize the colors of the bottle ensures that the perfume bottle captures its owner’s personal style. The volcanic pattern adds another dimension and creates a unique piece of art that is not often found in perfume bottles.

In summary, if you are looking for a perfume bottle that is unique, attractive, and customizable, the 50ml Perfume Bottle with a volcanic bottom design is perfect for you. Its high-quality glass material, even spray, and customizable colors make it a fantastic choice for those who love perfume and stylish design.

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