30ml Glass perfume bottle with gradient color

Type:Perfume Bottle



Color: gradient color or customized

Size: 85.8*39.6mm

Application: Can repackaging perfume, lotion, oil etc.

About this perfume bottle:

Gradient color bottle design: Graceful line design, foil refined mature sex appeal, send out glamour self-confidence.

Exquisite aluminum spray: Spray evenly, good atomization effect, tight structure and no leakage.

For the lid: Colorful K glue cover, splicing design. Screw cap, can reusable.

This beautiful,refillable spray bottle is made of premium glass material. Vintage style, elegant and convenient. Good for home or travel supply. Fine workmanship,can be used for a long time.

Contact: Wenny

Whatsapp: 008615563788572

Email: sales4@baolinglass.com

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