1ml 2ml Small Blue Tube Glass Vial with Dropper Lid, Serum Bottle

Bottle Name: 1ml 2ml Small Blue Tube Glass Vial with Dropper Lid, Serum Bottle

Color: Blue

Volume: 1ml, 2ml

Shape: Round

Cap Type: Plastic dropper

Use for: Essential oil, Perfume

Material: Pyrex borosilicate glass

Logo/design: Customized, 1 color or 2 colors printing

Pack: Standard safe export carton or Bulk pallet packed

MOQ: 50,000 pcs

There are two volumes for the small tube blue glass bottle with plastic dropper. The serum bottle usually use for perfume, essential oil samples. Luxury pyrex borosilicate glass clear display our goods.

We are a leading glass bottle manufacturer in China can produce more than 2000 kinds of glass bottles such as wine glass bottle, cosmetic glass bottle, beverage glass bottle, craft glass bottle, pharmaceutical glass bottle and so on. Welcome to email/whatsapp us.

Contact: Emilia

Email: sales1@baolinglass.com

Whatsapp:+86 132-8003-8506

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