Glass Beer & Cider Bottles

With the increasing cost of drinking out these days, along with the added issue of trying to find a local pub, more and more of us are opting for a cheaper alternative. Why not give home brewing a try? Our range of glass beer and cider bottles are perfect for large scale breweries, microbreweries and home use too.

Colours and sizes available Green (330ml), amber (330ml and 500ml) and clear (330ml and 500ml). Each bottle comes complete with a gold crown cap (26mm). The amber glass bottles help to prevent UV light from spoiling your brew. You will find our clear glass beer and cider bottles perfect for lagers, ales, wines, ciders and even champagnes. Please note: you will need a capping tool to fit the crowns on to the bottles. Unfortunately we do not stock capping tools.

As glass factory, we also can custom produce for clients' own shape mold bottle, welcome inquiry us.

glass beer bottle and growler, jug mug


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