100ml Glass Empty Refillable Perfume Spray Bottle

About this item

  • Perfume bottle is exquisite workmanship, exquisite production, originality, with characteristics, technology and painting, more art appreciation value.

  • Airbags on the bottle can be decorated with beautiful, easy to use, fashionable.Small atomizer orifice for reducing the waste of perfume and making spray finer.

  • Airbag perfume bottle is a relatively new product, the air bag supporting the perfume bottle, with only a twist to make the spray nozzle on the thinner and more scattered.

  • The mini perfume spray bottle is small and light enough to be in your pocket or handbag, making you enjoy wonderful fragrance every moment.

  • When you attend a party, spend time on holiday or on a business trip, it is a great tool To keep you smelling fresh and give you confidence.

Product Description

Type:Perfume Bottle



Color:Purple,Blue, Black and Pink or customized

Application: Can repackaging perfume, lotion, oil etc.

This beautiful,refillable spray bottle is made of premium glass material. Vintage style, it has an airbag, elegant and convenient. Good for home or travel supply. Fine workmanship,can be used for a long time.

Contact: Wenny

Whatsapp: 008615563788572

Email: sales4@baolinglass.com

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