Glass Perfume Bottle

30ml 50ml glass roller jar with plastic lid

30ml 50ml High quality glass roller jar with plastic lid

Volume:30ml 、50ml glass roller jar

Made of:High white glass

Used for:attar oil ,perfume , perfumes, or other liquid products.


If you are looking for a high quality, practical ball bottle, then 30 ml and 50 ml ball bottles are your choice. The following is a detailed introduction of the product characteristics, use and minimum order quantity of these two ball bottles.

Product features:

Moderate capacity: The 30ml and 50ml glass roller jar are very moderate, easy to carry, and large enough to store a variety of liquid products

Glass roll on jars with plastic lids are popular among individuals who prefer natural or organic products and those who enjoy making their own DIY beauty or personal care products.

30 ml and 50 ml ball bottles usually consist of a body, ball ball, cap and gasket. the bottle is usually made of transparent or translucent material,

so that the user can easily observe the amount of liquid remaining in the bottle.

Ball is generally made of stainless steel or plastic material, with corrosion resistance, not easy to deformation and so on.


How To Use:

When using a ball bottle, the user simply unscrews the cap and gently rolls the ball over the part that needs to be applied to evenly apply the liquid to the skin. Because of the ball design, can more accurately control the flow of liquid, avoid waste.

Overall, the 30 ml and 50 ml ball bottles are a convenient, practical container suitable for storage and application of a wide variety of liquid products.

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